Monday, February 11, 2013

Fixing up my Bathroom

In case you are wondering what on earth fixing up a bathroom could have to do with being an emotional eater, I was on that page too. Except I have realized the positive impact it had on me only this morning.

I am writing out on my Facebook page, on the Facebook page of my church and in my crochet group called Crochet Talk every single morning everything that I am grateful for that I can think of. I started doing this on 1-1-2013. I plan to never stop writing out what I am grateful for! There is so much!! My life today could be very different than I want it to be and believe me when I say that I am profoundly grateful for that and for everyone along the way who contributed to getting me here.

But, back to my bathroom, I was finally able to buy a new shower curtain and shower curtain liner and new towels. I went to Walmart only because other than JCPenneys, Walmart is all there is here and I don't have a car so I can't go to all our thrift shops hoping to find towels and a shower curtain I can use.

I found some 100% cotton yarn also at Walmart that goes very nicely with the shower curtain and I crocheted one soap saver, 3 shelf liners for the metal shelving unit in my bathroom so things don't fall through the rods and 2 handtowels. I also made 2 beaded loops to give the shower curtain rod a little more height.

What I never anticipated was how much better fixing up this tiny room in my apartment would make me feel! This morning, I felt so much gratitude for what I do have and I feel efficient in fixing up my little bathroom!!!  I am trying to add pictures and the little image link is not working for some reason. I will try to add the pics later............

 Ok, the picture thingey s working now!!

Ok, this is a picture of my bathroom before I added my personal touches to it.

Now, these are the afters with the shelf liners I made. I just love the cotton yarn, it is called Ivy League by Peaches N Creme.

Now in place in the bathroom:

I actually made 2 hand towels which are both hanging in there.

Here are the beaded items I made:

I just love how it turned out, now when I shower, I don't feel like the liner is on top of me.


  1. It's nice to hear someone grateful for small things. Just making that difference to your bathroom has made such a difference. I can't do too many things due to a disability but I found crochet and this does the same for me :-).
    I'm looking forward to reading all about your journey.

    1. Oh, Lydia, thank you so much!! I hear you, I am disabled myself and restricted physically. I get done what I can when I can. Learning to pace myself has been hard on me. I am delighted to hear that you crochet too! Isn't it wonderful? I just love it!!