Friday, February 22, 2013

Gratitude for 2-22-13 and Thursday Thoughts....

"Today I am grateful that I do not have to get out in the snowy and icy mess that is outside!! I am grateful that Smudge and I are nice and warm inside our apartment!! I am grateful for the power that stayed on yesterday. I am grateful for what I got done yesterday and I am grateful for what I will get done today"!!

And I am back to 240 pounds. Those 8 pounds I had lost, I packed them back on last night. I have got to get something sweet I can have with all the sugar calories.  My therapist tells me that sugar is addicting! I need to addict myself out of that cos this is not working for me!

Anyway, we got a messy wintery mix yesterday and I was very anxious about the power going out and the possibility of being without power for several days like I hear about in the news. I have been 3 days without power before and managed but I was very anxious about this yesterday. But guess what, the power flickered twice and the 3rd time it went off it was off for about 15 minutes. Outside of that, it stayed on and I struggled with trying to remain positive about it. Not being able to shower, have hot food, get to co-op tomorrow, church on Sunday and the meal we are sharing afterwards.

By the way, do you co-op?  Here is a link to the one I use:

Community Co-op 

It is wonderful, great prices and great foods and I get to get out and be around others which benefits me to now end. I can't recommend it enough!!


  1. nice post, ice, snow, and plus eight they seem to go together. No I do not co-op. I don't know of any near me. My sister was always homey in her neighborhood co-op in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Yours in St. Louis must be nice. I proposed doing promotion for you, and you declined, but maybe you'll reconsider it. Here is a piece of the work I am doing with Adam and Randi. Randi is pleased, which is a product of telling her story better, and faster, and getting targeted clicks via twitter. Adam and I are always here

    1. Tom, after thinking about this, for me and the fact that I run my business alone, advertising and the possibility of getting overwhelmed with more orders than I could handle could cripple me. I am very content with my own pace, this works for me and I am sticking with my own pace.

  2. wordpress is my active blog

  3. Tom, I would love to advertise but I can't afford anything like that.
    I am lucky to have this co-op, I get a lot of great items from it!